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Food is Love
is Life

Hello Darlin'!
I'm Kelli O'Neill, I help women in Louisiana and Colorado transition to a plant centered lifestyle. 


Welcome!  I'm glad you're here Darlin'!  My name is Kelli.  I'm a cajun food lovin' world traveler who uses plant centered eating to feel balanced, have great energy, and prevent disease.  

If you've landed here, my guess is, you've heard about plant based eating more than once.  You've heard of all these amazing health benefits from friends of friends. Or you've seen one of several documentaries released in recent the years.  Maybe you've been putting off investigating it for a while because someone along the way made you feel like it's an all or nothing approach to eating... and you still kinda like boudin or bacon.  Have no fear.  I am hear to help you! 

I started studying food in 2011 when I moved to Italy.  The food cultural differences between the USA and Italy are so stark it's hard to ignore.  In the USA, the main objective is to get as much as we can for as little as we can.  My used to be favorite meal was a 10pc chicken nugget meal - currently $6.49.  The number of chickens in factory farms and the conditions they are in be damned, as long as the price stays low! 


In Italy, they have a great respect for where their food comes from - children are taken through an entire food process.  They see how the wheat is milled into flour which is combined with eggs to make pasta.  I went to a cheese maker outside of Rome and was able to see all the goats and cows freely roaming and happily returning to the barn (where they were also milked) as the rain began to fall. There was no workers forcing them into small locked spaces.  They were happy to provide milk  to the farmers who were taking care of them.  What a different perspective on food! 


Food is one way we love our bodies.  The more love and respect we give to our food the more life it gives us.  



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